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We build complex portal systems integrates sales systems, inventory, etc. with the web site for easy client comunication.
In our portal systems, there are almost unlimited posibilities. It can connect sites for the clients and for the stuff, internal document service, CRM or mail.

Our offering include:

  • business portals
  • corporate sites
  • CRM systems

Busines portal integrates internal sales systems, inventory or company management with the web sitem,
what makes cheap and efficient communication with clients.
In our portal systems, there are almost unlimited posibilities.

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The Internet is the perfect way to comunicate with clients, but it can be also a great way to comunicate inside of company.
Access to the company mail, documents, knowledge base and other data may be securely and efficient provided by the internet.
From CEO to single worker, stuff can have access to company data, mail or calendar from allover the world.
Our solutions makes simple and efficient data exchange posible.

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Customer Relationship Management systems are essential tool in many companies.
We offer basic and quite complex CRM systems with modular structure.
We can develop your company applications with a additional modules. The most popular are: calendar, mail, knowledge base , client database.

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